Interior Car Detail

Interior car detailing services typically include cleaning and dusting every inside crevice of your vehicle. We hit all of the spots that can often be missed when you take your car to a traditional car wash or attempt to vacuum and clean it on your own. Such spaces include your cup holders, your control panel, your dashboard, and underneath your seat. Using our specialized vacuums and cleaning tools, we’re able to reach all parts of your car’s interiors with ease.


Dusting is one of the most important steps when it comes to cleaning your car’s interiors. This is because dust tends to accumulate in and around your car, especially when you open and close the doors. Dust can settle in unwanted crevices and spaces in your car that make it challenging to clean over time. To avoid having layers of dust on your clock or your dashboard, we begin by dusting out your car extensively to remove the bulk of dust, before moving on to the deeper cleaning steps. We’ll then give your car a quick vacuum to remove any airborne dust, before opening it up further to begin wiping away the dust and deep cleaning it out of the upholstery. Without dusting your car first, we could potentially spread the dust further without actually removing it completely, which can leave your car feeling musty and equally as dirty.

Dashboard Cleaning

Dashboard cleaning is then achieved by removing dust from your dashboard and cleaning the rest of your interiors using specialty cleaning cloths and solutions. We use the right solution to clean the type of interior that you have to maintain its appearance and integrity and to ensure that our cleaning materials do not leave behind streaks or compromise the material itself. For leather interiors, we use leather wipes. For plastic and metal interiors, we’ll use disinfecting wipes and shining products that leave your interiors looking and smelling fresher than ever before and can be finished off with a car polish.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is done on your car’s interiors such as the seats, the floors, the ceiling, and even in the boot where upholstery continues to line the inside of the car. Our upholstery cleaning services can easily remove all kinds of stains from your upholstery and we can repair any rips, tears, or discoloration in the fabric. We also shampoo and sanitize the upholstery, deep clean the floor mats, and vacuum up any debris and crumbs or dust that is present on the upholstery. We accommodate all types of upholstery, including nylon, suede, and leather.

Siding and Control Panel Cleaning

Lastly, we can also polish and dust your interior siding and control panel, along with the entertainment section of your car. This includes your side panelling on the doors, as well as the radio and all of its control. We can also dust in and around the clutch, the ignition, and the heating and air control units. We’ll also dust around the clock, the CD input, and other inputs you may have.

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