Exterior Car Detailing

An exterior car detail seeks to clean every inch of your car’s exterior, including the tyres, windows, and overall body of the car. This is achieved by using specialty soaps and cleaning solutions to remove dirt build up, bird debris, and other types of hardened mud and debris. In cleaning your car’s exterior, we also aim to maintain its paint job and can offer touch-ups or repairs on scratches, dents, and other imperfections in the exterior of the car. If you have larger dents or imperfections in the exterior body of the car, you’ll need a professional body shop or garage to fix the structural damage of the car. For simpler fixes, however, we can easily offer our exterior car detailing services.

Tyre Cleaning

Tyre cleaning is done by hosing down the tyres with a pressure washing system that allows us to remove the excessive build up and oils that accumulate on the surface of the tyres. Cleaning your tyres cannot only prolong their lifespan but can give them more grip when driving. This is especially important to avoid slipping, sliding, and skidding while driving in certain weather conditions. Cleaning your tyres can also prevent you from needing patches or repairs on your tyres, as you can clearing carve out the build up and prevent your tyres from deteriorating.

Window Cleaning

Another detailing service we’re delighted to offer in conjunction with our exterior car detail services is window cleaning. Cleaning your car windows is similar to cleaning the glass in your home, but because the windows are made from a different kind of glass, traditional glass cleaners can leave them streaky and foggy. We use specialized window cleaning solutions to remove all sorts of build up on the surface of the window so that you’re left with clear and pristine windows that make it easier to see through and drive with.

Light Cleaning

One of the main safety measures on your vehicle is your lighting system on both the inside and outside of your car. Your outside lights prevent others from running into you while driving and ensures others on the road can see your movements. If your lights are foggy or cloudy, it can be difficult to see them and can even lead to the build up breaking or dulling the lights. We offer light cleaning services so that your lights are functioning, visible, and bright for all others to see while driving, backing out, and braking.

Body Cleaning

Lastly, we also offer exterior detailing services to enhance the general appearance of your car’s body. This is done by removing any surface dirt and build up and later by touching up any chipped or scratched paint, removing dents or discoloration, and adding a wax or polish to your car so that it is evenly shined and looks like new. Detailing your car’s body makes it valuable to potential second-hand buyers and maintaining its integrity ensures that you’re able to get the most use out of it possible and for as long as needed.

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