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Welcome To Aberdeen Car Detailing Specialists

Are you tired of constantly driving your car to the local car wash garage just to have it properly cleaned? Or, are you very particular about how your car is detailed and maintained? If so, you are likely to need the professional services of a licensed mobile car wash service. Mobile car wash companies can offer mobile car washes, mobile car detailing, and car valeting, all within the convenience of your home. This makes it easier to schedule your regular car wash and without having to drive your clean car back home after the standard garage visit. Save your time and have the services brought to you!

Aberdeen's Premier Car Valet Service

Aberdeen Car Detailing Specialists offers the city’s premier mobile car wash services that are provided by a team of certified professionals who are eager to see you satisfied with your car’s appearance and cleanliness. We are dedicated to satisfaction were continual to ensure that your car maintains its integrity, its beauty, and its overall value with our professional and mobile car wash in car valeting services.

We are Offering COVID Sanitizating Packages both interior and exterior to leave your car feeling brand new!

Our Services

Our unique range of mobile car wash services was designed with your needs in mind. We know what the weather’s like here in Aberdeen and how frustrating it can be to drive your car to the local car wash only to drive it home and get it dirty again. We cut out this frustration by bringing our mobile car wash services directly to you so you don’t have to lift a finger when you want your car cleaned and cleaned well!

Express Car Wash

If you are looking for basic car wash services, you may be interested in our express car wash services that can be brought straight to your door.

​Our express car wash services can be completed within an hour and can clean all parts of your car including the interior and exterior.

In doing so, we pay special attention to detail to remove any dirt, dust, and buildup that is present in and on your car.

Interior Car Valet

Our interior car valeting services typically include valeting the upholstery of your car, as well as your control panel, your dashboard, and any other interior surfaces and crevices that can accumulate dirt, dust, finger oils, and much more. When it comes to valeting the interior of your car, we take special precautions to maintain the integrity of your interior upholstery and furnishings.

“I was really impressed when I came across the home car wash services of Aberdeen Mobile Car Wash. They were able to offer me a car polish so that my car looked great and for longer. What I love about the most is that they brought their professional services to me and I didn’t have to leave the house!” – Chris T.

Exterior Car Valet

An exterior car valet service typically includes washing the car’s body, as well as the tyres, the lights, and underneath the car as well. Exterior car valeting can be done to remove any bird debris, dust buildup, and dirt that accumulates in the crevices of the tyres. We also assist in cleaning your windshield, front, and backlights, and in and around your door frames, the boot, and more, and can finish off the job with a car wax or car polish.

Full Car Wash and Valet

Full car wash and valeting combines two of our popular services into one. This allows you to have a squeaky-clean car that looks as if it just exited the showroom. You’ll have a stunningly shiny exterior along with a dust-free, fingerprint-free interior that is free of upholstery stains and crumbs around the edges.

“I was looking for a mobile car wash near me and wasn’t able to find a reputable one with affordable car valet prices. My neighbor recommended Aberdeen Mobile Car Wash I am so glad she did. Not only do they have great reviews but they were able to offer the best car valeting Aberdeen has to offer. I can highly recommend them if you were looking for something similar such as a Home car wash, car valeting, or a mobile car detail service.” – Paul R. Dyce

Ceramic Paint Protection

Unlike traditional protection coatings, which are typically made  up of polymer resins, a ceramic coat is based from silicon dioxide (SiO2). It is normally derived from quartz crystals and sand, silica creates an invisible “nanotechnology coating,” which when joins force with elements like titanium dioxide, polysilazane, triethanolamine, water, becomes very resilient. This then turns into crystal-clear shell, a product that is commonly known as a nano ceramic coating, or ceramic coating for short.
This kind of paint protection not only offers super-strong protection, but a hydrophobic/water-repellent elements as well . This transparent layer of sealant is UV resistant, repels road grime, and prevents scratches, chemicals, extreme weather and heat, and swirl marks damaging the vehicle.
​When properly applied and cared for, this semi-permanent shield will last for a long time, requiring very little maintenance ongoing.

Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

If you are a business owner that operates a commercial fleet of vehicles for your company, you may be interested to know that we also offer commercial vehicle cleaning for your entire fleet. To do so efficiently, we employ a team of specialized mobile car washers that can come to your business and adequately clean your entire commercial vehicle fleet in no time. We are dedicated to saving you time and resources so that you can get your vehicles back on the road and back to business as normal.

“When looking for car valet near me, I stumbled across Aberdeen Mobile Car Wash, which had great reviews and pretty affordable car wash rates. I decided to give them a call and couldn’t be happier with my decision! They were really friendly and were able to schedule me an appointment within the coming days in my car to get the best home car wash possible!” – Helen T.

Car Valeting FAQ

How much does it cost to valet a car?from car detaling?

Basic car valeting costs around £35 – £75 for an average-sized vehicle. The service includes a wash, wax, interior vacuuming, interior polish, window wash, mirror and trim cleaning and tire cleaning.
However, a full car detail requires attention to detail. Thus, it’s time-consuming and exhausting. It targets all stains, marks, and imperfections. With this, your vehicle gets a hand wax and paint protection.
Moreover, after everything, the surface gets a thorough wipe – windows, door panels, and dashboard, among others. This service can cost you between £100 and £250.

What does car detailing include?

Car detailing is the art of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to like-new condition. The process is labour intensive but precise than a standard car wash. That is why professionals group it into packages.
Typically, car detailing isn’t automated. Instead, it is done by hand and involves interior and exterior cleaning.
Exterior cleaning includes Wash and dry, Paint Claying, Polishing and Sealing or Waxing. Still, it can involve trim repainting, glass chip repair, engine detailing, engine pressure cleaning, headlight polishing, bumper repair, and paint touch up.
Interior cleaning involves vacuuming, scrubbing and brushing, glass cleaning, steam cleaning, leather trimming and perfuming.

Is it worth valeting a car?

Car valeting keeps your car shiny and clean, which not only increases the resale value but boosts your pride of ownership. A complete detailing can make your vehicle look as good as new when done by professionals. That makes worth the cost.

How does car detailing differ from valeting?

Car detailing is a process of thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of a vehicle besides doing minor repairs to improve the appearance.
On the other hand, Valeting is a professional service that aims at cleaning the bodywork and interior of a car.

How long does it take to valet a car?

The duration depends on how dirty the car is a well a car’s size.  Besides, the valeter’s perspective can affect the time taken to detail your car. For a full detailing, i.e., both interior and exterior, it takes an average of 10-15 hours over two days. However, for a car that isn’t excessively dirty, it should take between 5 to 10 hours.

How often should I wash my car?

Wash your car every two weeks generally. However, you can wash your car every week, depending on how dirty it gets. If you live in salty areas or during winter, you may need to wash your car more often. Salt corrodes metal causing rusting.

Does detailing get rid of scratches?

If your car has minor scratches and nicks, the detailers can apply touch-up paint to cover the scratches. However, in case of severe damage, you will need a full paint and clear coat, which is then subjected to sanding and waxing.

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